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Joergette Mae Medel

Joergette Mae Medel is The Soul Igniter. She empowers Career Mums and aspiring Mumpreneurs to Ignite their Passions, Awaken their Feminine Leadership and Follow their Intuition, so that they live their passions and purpose and make an impact, whilst still being a great partner and mother.


Her mission is to help women embody their true authentic self and remove the blocks that are holding them back from realising their true potential. As a Passion Coach and Intuitive Guide, Joergette integrates practical tools with spiritual practices and facilitates transformational healing journeys for her clients.


She helps women come back to their hearts, embrace their shadows and shed the things which no longer serve them. She serves to remind women that they are spiritual, infinite beings having a human experience and strives to provide tools to help women live in alignment with their passions and purpose.


If you’re ready to embody your true authentic self and start living a more passionate and purposeful life, then we invite you to open your heart and mind and see what magic starts to unfold when you start saying YES to your true heart’s desires.



Joergette understands the human condition and what it takes to self-actualise - she listens carefully and responds thoughtfully. Joergette, as Passion Coach, role models her passion.

Sandra Walden Pearson

PhD Candidate presenting at IFKAD2017 Russia. Author, How to Reclaim Your Life as a Victim of Workplace Bullying.

Joergette is an inspiring coach with a deep passion for assisting people to find the paths that will bring them happiness and fulfillment.   She has a strong gift when it comes to connecting with people and her warmth and compassion draw people to work with her and reach constructive and positive outcomes for their lives.

Sophia Symeou

CEO INS Pty Ltd; Finalist 2014 Telstra Australian Business Awards

Joergette is a bright, warm and enthusiastic career coach who has an innate ability to build rapport with ease and effectively understand the motivators and challenges of clients with a diverse range of skills and experience. Joergette’s profound passion for her work is infectious and she is not afraid to have courageous conversations to help her clients reach beyond their current state view of the world to clarify their career goals and guide and encourage them on their transition journey to a new world of work.

Anne Al Kafajy

Business Consultant

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